Bill S.

I was having chronic problems with urination. I would start getting an urge to urinate and the urgency would develop so rapidly that, even though I would immediately start heading to the restroom to relieve myself, by the time that I got to the restroom, urine would start leaking. But when I got to the toilet, ironically, nothing would come out. I would have to strain, usually for several minutes, and only a small amount of would come out. I would not feel completely relieved, but no matter how much I strained, very little, if any, urine would come out. It was very frustrating to say the least. I started consultation with Dr. Barton Wachs who is a Urologist near where I reside in Long Beach, CA. Dr. Wachs suggested a procedure for me known as Greenlight Laser Abatement and explained that is a procedure used in the treatment of a benign enlargement of the prostate gland resulting in the urethral restriction. Although this procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis in the right in Doctor's office, I have tremendous anxiety of medical procedures in general, and in sensitive areas of the body in particular, so I requested to be fully sedated. The procedure was performed on me as a fully anesthetized outpatient at Memorial Hospital. The results are fantastic. I no longer have any urination problems. Dr. Wachs is a very professional and competent Urologist. I strongly recommended him as a very good doctor.

—Bill S.